“Do you need life insurance?”

Helping clients understand the insurance plan they need; and then helping them apply for the right coverage with the correct company. We make the process easy and simple.

“Do you understand what you own?”

Understand your current life insurance policy or policies. Let us provide a policy audit for you. Let us “stress test” your current life insurance program.

“Has your Estate Plan been Updated?”

  • Have you addressed liquidity upon death?
  • Is your estate equalized for your loved ones?
  • Have you leveraged your federal gift tax exemptions?
  • Have you addressed your business succession plan?
  • Is your retirement plan protected against estate settlement and income tax costs at your death?
  • What is the best legacy for your children/grandchildren?
  • Should your life insurance be owned by an irrevocable trust?
  • How have you addressed long-term care funding needs?
  • Are you maximizing your annual gifts to children and grandchildren through life insurance plans?

“Am I Insurable?”

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, MS, and now Coronavirus 19. Let’s discuss your situation and find a policy solution.  We have 40 years of impaired risk underwriting experience for the toughest medical history.

Investment advisory services offered through MJP Associates, Inc. dba MJP Wealth Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor. Securities offered through Arete Wealth Management LLC, Member FINRA/NFA & SIPC.

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